Hello, I’m Kacey from Sparkles Rainbows and Unicorns

Jesus has so blessed me and I am so thankful. I am a wife to an awesome husband named Shawn who is a Marine and Metrologist, a mother to an adorable little boy we named Colton who is healthy and full of life, a pet owner of 3 crazy birds who love to screech and squawk throughout the day. We have our first house of our own and cars to drive around in. I am able to be a stay as a home mom and have the opportunity to blog which both are not easy but definitely worth it. And an amazing family and friend support system.

With all that said my life sounds great. But I have to be honest and admit it’s not all sparkles and rainbows. Like everyone I have had my fair share of bad times, challenges, hopelessness and struggles. This world is a fallen world. But luckily there is still goodness, light and hope.

Birdy & Baby Nap Time

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I would like to share more about myself so we can get more acquainted and you can get to know me better… like you would get to know a friend.

I studied Equine Business at a huge college campus… like literally it had it’s own zip code and took about an hour to walk from one side to the other. I’ve spent years of of hard work at many different horse farms, taking care of horses, training horses and teaching people the fundamentals of riding and working with horses. I eventually started my own horse  business in my early twenties, it was my creative outlet and definitely a passion. However I put the business on hold when I realized the the farm I was leasing, was not a place where my business could grow much more.

Since childhood I’ve always been interested in using my creativity. I remember putting on shows for my parents and making home videos with my siblings using my parents camcorder, drawing pictures of all different animals, learning to paint under the tutelage of Gram my great grandmother, making power point slideshows with family pictures or pictures I found on the internet, writing my own short stories as well as harry potter fan fictions… he he he. Also writing my own songs I would play on the guitar.

In 2014 during which I still had my horse business, I started a couple YouTube Channels. One was with my friend Teresa who sometimes guest posts on this blog. We created goofy spoof videos making fun of movies such as Jurassic Park and The Hobbit.  The other channel I had was about can you guess?… Horses!

My friend Teresa is a professional radiographer and during the time we worked together she taught me a lot about staging, lighting, camera angles, framing, distances, focus, as well as all aspects of video editing. It was a great experience but our videos didn’t really go far. We continued for the next year until I moved farther away in order to help out some friends. I have to say though we made no money, it was a great time and so much fun.

When I First Tried Blogging

Beginning of 2017  I tried starting a couple blogs. It was a wonderful time but also a difficult time in my life. I had just gotten married to the best man I had ever dated, but I was going through a tough situation, where I had a falling out with some good friends.

The friends I mentioned earlier who I moved further away to help out.

It led me into having to file for bankruptcy and life felt very uncertain and dark. I wasn’t able to have a job during the bankruptcy and I felt a strain forming on my marriage.

On top of that the year before I got married, I had hardly seen my other friends or family. I had distanced myself from them gradually, without even realizing it. I ended up falling into depression, to the point I could sit and do nothing for hours.

It was a horrible feeling that enveloped me and made me feel like I couldn’t do anything and nothing seemed fun anymore… life felt meaningless even though that is a lie.

My husband did the best he could to try to keep my spirits up but it was like a black cloud was looming over me. This was not the first time I had been depressed. But it definitely stinks when you get out of depression and think everything is going to be great. You think everything has turned around and then it hits you and comes back like it never left. A good majority of my life I have struggled with depression.

Anyway being home all the time alone and having not much to do I wanted to find something I could do to feel more productive. I’m not sure how I thought of it but I got the idea to start a couple blogs. So I did and I started writing posts but I never tried to monetize them.

One blog was about overcoming depression and making life better. I did this thinking maybe this might help me deal with it or maybe help someone else struggling. The other blog was… of course you guessed it a horse blog.

I continued to post sporadically on my blogs when I had the motivation to do it. Finally almost a year later my bankruptcy was completed and I felt a bit of weight come up off my shoulders.

The whole time during that ordeal I really had to put my trust in God. Despite all the negative feelings I believed God would somehow get me through to the other side and he did.

Not too long after the bankruptcy was over with I got a full time job as a Barn Manager at a Therapeutic Riding Farm. I worked there for a year. That job made a huge difference in my outlook on life. It made feel so much better having something to do, people and horses to help. It helped me out of the slump I felt like I was trapped in.

Although I know it wasn’t just the job that got me out of it. I have to contribute that to a number of reasons. God giving me hope and guiding me through the valley. My husband being so supportive despite my negativity.  Being pregnant my baby gave me something to look forward to. The bankruptcy being over. And my birds gave me companionship when I felt lonely, while my husband was at his 9-5 or away for Marine duty or a work trip.

So Why Blogging?

I am not happy without a job. I know I am a mom staying at home raising my baby, taking care of the house and that in itself is a job though unpaid. I get restless without goals and purpose.

I want to feel productive, have goals, feel like I am accomplishing something. This is what I just mentioned pretty much. A blog gives me something else I can build up, work on, progress with, create.

I love creativity and blogging allows me to let my creative juices flow. I told you before how I have a creative soul. I love to create and I owe it to God creating me in his image. He is the ultimate creator and he put a piece of his passion in me. Am I great at creating things maybe not but I love it.

I enjoy writing about my passions. Horses, family, Jesus, relationships, having fun, helping other people who are struggling, shining light in darkness.

I would someday like to make money off my blog to help with family finances. To take the burden off my husband. He gets stressed about money and supporting the household, which makes me stressed that I don’t have a job making money to also provide.

I am a business woman at heart. A business is all about creating. Being your own boss… sort of. I let Jesus be the true boss of my life. Not afraid to take risks. Following God’s calling for your life. Letting him lead you to your purpose.

Helping People. I have noticed many bloggers say they want to help people with their blogs. I am sure many of them are being honest and maybe some are just saying that to sound like a good person. But there is something about helping other people that just give meaning and purpose. It makes you feel uplifted. It brings joy to see you are helping change peoples lives even in small ways. When I am down encouraging someone else, bringing a little light into their life, lifts my own spirits as well. It’s like bringing a little bit of Jesus into the world.

What Am I Blogging About?

I read so much about niche blogging. Which is basically picking one specific topic and target audience and go with that. I am no experienced blogger with all the answers by any means. But I can’t settle for one topic, at least right now. I also don’t know what I would pick.

Horses are a huge passion of mine as I’m sure you can tell but I am also passionate about family, pregnancy, raising kids, hobbies, taking care of yourself, living life as a mom, seeking Jesus and developing relationship with him. I can’t pick one right now.

I am writing for horse lovers and moms but more so stay at home moms because that’s me too. So my topics will be centered around my readers for now. I am going to give myself a chance to see what I am best at writing about, enjoy most and what my readers love the most. So basically this blog is a work in progress a journey I would say.

Definitely comment on my posts you enjoy, please engage with me and other readers, feel free to ask me questions, I am an open book. I want this to be a community, a support and a good time.

Where Do I See Myself in 5 Years with My Blog

In case you decide to follow along with my blog journey here are some of my goals for the next 5 years.

  • I hope to improve my writing, be more descriptive, entertaining, interesting, and envelope the reader. I have a long way to go I think but 5 years might do the trick. 🙂
  • I hope to be making a full time income that can help support my family so we are not just dependent on my husbands income.
  • I hope to have a group of people interested in my blog to interact with, relate with, share ideas with, have fun with and inspire.
  • I would like to be able to afford a horse. I have owned horses in the past but having a baby, a house and cars, groceries and just living life aren’t cheap.
  • I would like to have another baby… maybe two more… maybe. 😉
  • I would like my relationship with my hubby Shawn to grow stronger, more loving and compassionate.
  • I would like to continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus.
  • I would like to be able to afford to go on a yearly vacation.

So check up to see where I am at with my goals. I invite you to join me on this journey of life.


The Christian Wifey, Mama and Horse Obsessed Lifestyle Blogger