Welcome to my Resources page. Here you will find different resources that are meant for fun, inspiration or to help you out on your equestrian journey.


This resources will be occasionally updated. I will also add new resources. So be sure to come back once and a while and check up on them. 🙂

  • My Free Resource Library (link corrected) sign up to get access to my collection of free horse and equestrian printable and digital resources. This is a gift to my subscribers.
  • Blogger Resources– if you are starting your own blog to make some side money for horses.
  • My Happy Riding Lesson Binder– This is a customizable RIDING LESSON JOURNAL. Make it your own unique journal by picking and choosing what pages you want to use. Record what you learn and work on in your lessons, track progress, goals, expenses, barn, horse and rider information and much more.

Some potential new resources to come:

  • Useful, Informative & Just For Fun Quizzes
  • My Favorites
  • My Wishlist
  • Horse Rescue Stories
  • Guides & Tutorials
  • Email Newsletter
  • Underdog Stories

Contact me at [email protected] if you have ideas for new resources you would love to see.