Perfume can be lovely when you find an aroma you really like. It is nice to smell a pretty scent throughout the day and can lift your spirits a bit as well as mask any odor you may have… hehe.

However perfume can have ingredients that are not healthy for you. In fact it is common that fragrances, are mixes made of undisclosed chemical scents which have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and even may have effects on the reproductive system.

On the EWG scale parfum another name for fragrance has a score of 8 out of 1 being the least toxic and 10 being the most toxic.

Luckily there is another option aside from the perfume that is normally purchased. There are natural perfume products. Most of these are created using essential oils which are a 1 on the EWG scale.

Now you want to be careful about essential oils during pregnancy as there are certain oils that have the potential to cause miscarriage, and or birth defects.

This is why I have come up with a list of essential oils to avoid during pregnancy which in included in my Essential Guide for Personal Care Products During Pregnancy.

About These Natural Perfume Products

I have discovered a few brands that create natural perfumes that are based on essential oils. There are so many ingredients that we want to avoid which can be harmful to ourselves or to our baby if we are pregnant. These fragrances listed below, I’ve researched about through the EWG, (Environmental Working Group) when I was trying to find safer options.

For More information on determining what is safe or not check out my Essential Guide To Safe Personal Care Products During Pregnancy. I have also included a list of personal care ingredients you want to avoid during pregnancy but also in general.

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Qet Botanicals Lavender Botanical Nectar (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

Said to be light, calming and fresh. Smells like fresh harvested lavender with a hint of Tahitian Vanilla.

Qet Botanicals Rosewood Botanical Nectar (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

Is said to smell like walking in a field of Blooming Bulgarian and Moroccan Roses.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume Spiced Bourbon Vanilla (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

There is slight bit of citrus, accompanied with Geranium Bourbon and Rosewood. This is without a heavy floral feel and lastly Bourbon Vanilla Co2 which ads creaminess to the scent.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume Coriander & Ginger  (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

There are soft hints of Tangerine & Grapefruit, with a strong note of Coriander and Ginger, finished with a slight bit of Vanilla absolute.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume Sandalwood Vanilla (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

This is a spicy rich scent with Sandalwood and Madagascar Vanilla.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume Soul Flower  (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

This is a nice blend of Moroccan Chamomile and Lotus flower, with hints of Ylang, Vanilla Bean, Coriander and Honey Absolute.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume White Lotus Rose (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1 This perfume contains Lotus Blossom, Damascus Rose and Rose Otto.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume Moroccan Rose (affiliate link)  EWG Scale 1

This perfume smells like fresh blooming Moroccan Roses.

Dancing Dingo Life Blend Perfume Seduction (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

This scent contains notes of Rose and Vetiver.

Dancing Dingo Natural Perfume Cocoa Fusion  (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

This perfume blend contains hints of rich cocoa, lavish vanilla, exotic ylang ylang, and ripe citrus.

Dancing Dingo Amethyst Quartz Natural Perfume  (affiliate link) EWG Scale 1

This perfume is a mix of of Lavender Flower, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin and Dark Patchouli.

I hope that this list helps you find some Perfume you like which are also more natural and healthier than the average perfume you see on the market.

Have you already tried any products on this list? If so which ones and did you like it or not?