How Can I Take Care Of My Teeth During Pregnancy And My Everyday Life?

  1. Brush at least Twice a Day, Three times is better. Most Dentists recommend using Toothpaste with Fluoride to protect your mouth from cavities, which you are more prone to during pregnancy. However, there is controversy about whether it is healthy for your baby. So I have listed some resources below about pros and cons of using fluoride. Personally I am mostly using toothpaste without fluoride and 2-3 times a week toothpaste with fluoride.
  2. Use Fluoride to help prevent cavities.
  3. Floss your teeth daily. This is something my Dentist has always got on about with me. How important it is in order to get the food out from between your teeth which can cause plaque build up, loss of enamel and cavities.
  4. Nightly mouthwash rinse to help protect your mouth against plaque and gum disease. I suggest an organic non toxic mouth rinse down below.
  5. Make a routine check up and cleaning with the dentist during your pregnancy. If you have cavities they tend not to take care of them till after the pregnancy. However, it is a good practice to get checked out, see how your teeth and gums are looking and get a cleaning.
  6. Drink Water. Water does a lot of good for our body. Dry mouth can cause cavities and gum problems. So something as simple as drinking enough water can help to keep your mouth moisturised. It is best to cut down on the sugary drinks, which contribute to tooth decay.
  7. What to do if you have morning sickness and have thrown up? Stomach acid can do a number on your teeth.  Try rinsing with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water to stop the acid from attacking your teeth.
  8. Make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet. The better foods you eat the better shape your body, baby and your teeth will be in. Obviously sugary foods, ice cream, baked goods, candy… all these foods will eat away at your teeth and you will probably end up with cavities if your not careful…. me! I’m not saying it’s easy because believe me I have a sweet tooth. But that is the reality.

Is Fluoride Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Sodium Fluoride is a 5 on the EWG Hazard Scale (low hazard 1 to high hazard 10). Click here to read EWG description of Fluoride. So it has moderate toxicity. However there is little evidence that there is any developmental toxicity. It is more of an irritant than anything.

I have cavity prone teeth in general and decided to use fluoride during my pregnancy.

I am happy to say I have a happy, healthy baby boy despite using flouride. Unfortunately I still got 2 cavities that needed fillings postpartum.

Here are some resources to learn more about Fluoride during pregnancy:

About These Oral Care Products

I’ve researched these products through the EWG, (Environmental Working Group) to find products with low toxicity. I also only include products from amazon that are 4 stars or better.

For More information on determining what is safe or not check out my Essential Guide To Safe Personal Care Products During Pregnancy

I am currently using Burt’s Bees Clean & Fresh Mint Medley Toothpaste with Fluoride. It uses essential oils and it is my favorite so far. It has a rating of 3 according to the EWG.

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I will be updating this page as I review the products I try out and as I find other products I think you would like.


Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, Peppermint EWG Scale 1

Dr. Brite Toothpaste EWG Verified Product Scale 1

Tom’s of Maine Whole Care with Fluoride Natural Toothpaste Gel, Peppermint EWG Scale 2

Burt’s Bees Toothpaste With Fluoride Clean & Fresh, Mint Medley EWG Scale 3

This product has fluoride but is still low on the EWG scale for those that still want to keep using fluoride. I suggest looking and pros and cons and then deciding which is best for you.


Dr. Brite Mouthwash EWG Verified Product Scale 1

What is your favorite toothpaste and mouthwash? Do you know the EWG Rating for them?