My Happy Riding Lesson Binder Guide

Thank you for your purchase of the My Happy Riding Lesson Binder!

Contact me using my contact page with any questions or feedback on the binder or the guide thanks!

  • You can pick and choose which pages you want to print out for your binder.
  • Use the table of contents to know page numbers of everything when printing specific pages.
  • Customize the binder to your liking.

For example you can choose to skip whole sections if you don’t care for them or find them relevant for you.

Another example is the lesson review section has an option for a quick 1-page review or you can choose a more in depth 4-page lesson review.

Throughout this guide, I will provide tips, suggestions, and quick explanations on how to use the pages in this binder.

Some pages are straight forward and obvious.

While others you may need some insight.

Getting Started

If you want to digitally type in text and insert photos, I suggest you use this FREE online PDF Editor.

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Choosing A Binder

Choose a binder size based on how many pages you think you are going to use.

Look through the lesson binder, the table of contents and pick out the sections you want to use, then figure out a general idea of how many pages you might use in a year.

I suggest a minimum of a 2-inch binder if you plan to use more than one section and the quick lesson review page. If you plan to use all the sections then I suggest the 4-inch binder.

  • ½-inch binder- holds roughly 75 pages
  • 1-inch binder- holds roughly 175 pages
  • 1.5-inch binder- holds roughly 250
  • 2-inch binder- holds roughly 350
  • 3-inch binder- holds roughly 570
  • 4-inch binder- holds roughly 800

Make sure the binder has a clear cover and spine, so you can slip in the printable cover and spine.

Cover & Spine

Card stock paper is ideal for the spine & cover. It especially makes the spine easier to get in. It is stiffer and doesn’t bend as easily as regular copy paper.

Choose and cut out the spine that is labeled for the binder size you have.

Pick one of the 5 cover options.

One cover has space available for you to put your own photo by tape or glue. Or you can use a free online PDF editing software to digitally add your photo.

Page Dividers

You can use the page dividers how you want.

But my suggestion is to put them in sheet protectors and use stick-on page tabs.

Now that you have your binder and you know the sections you want, you can print out the page dividers and put them into your binder.

Binder Belongs To Page

Pretty straight forward.

If you happen to leave your binder and someone finds it they have a way to know who it belongs to, how to get a hold of you in order for you to get it back.

Use it or leave it. Whatever you feel comfortable with. You decide.

Inspirational Quotes

I love motivating and encouraging people.

So I added 7 inspirational quotes to the binder. Sometimes we lose our focus, get unmotivated, or get down about our performance.

These quotes are meant to lift you up and encourage you when you need it.

Choose the quotes that speak to you most. You can hang them up somewhere that you look often or you can put them in your binder.

Maybe on the back of a divider page in the sheet protector.

The Different Sections In This Binder

I will go over each section and page from the My Happy Riding Lesson Binder. So you aren’t scratching your head on how to use any of it.

Like I said before some pages are straight forward and you will understand how to use it just by looking at it. While others may need some explanation and examples.

So the next pages in this GUIDE will be doing just that.

My Riding Lesson Team Info

Page: About Me

This is a profile for yourself as a rider and student.

You can fill in your stats, horse experience, and your favorites which is just for fun.

If you want you can show your riding instructor, they will be able to get a better sense of your riding level, what horse may be suitable for you, and some of your interests.

Page: Barn Information

This section is for the barn you are taking riding lessons at.

A place to store all the barn’s information.

Page: Riding Instructor Profile

This section is all about your riding instructor.

Contact information in case you need to get a hold of them, teaching days if you have a favorite instructor, and your instructor’s favorite snacks, likes, and pet peeves.

So you can stay on your instructor’s good side 😄.

Page: Lesson Horse Profile pg 1. & pg 2.

This one is just for fun.

The lesson horses need profiles too.

  • You can do one for each of the lesson horses.
  • Or you can do one for each of the lesson horses that you ride.
  • Or you can do one for your favorite lesson horse or horses.
  • Or you can skip this part.

Crushing My Riding Goals

When you accomplish your goals, record the date on the area marked date which is underneath all of the goals you will be coming up with.

Page: Riding Yearly Goals

Think of 4 major riding goals you have for the year and record them here.

If you have only 2 or 3 goals for the year that’s fine too.

Page: Riding Mini-Goals

In this section, take one of your yearly goals and break it down into 4 smaller goals we are calling mini-goals.

You want these 4 goals to bring you to the end over all goal, we are calling your yearly goal.

Print out one of these sheets for each of your yearly goals.

Page: Riding Micro Goals

This is taking the steps even smaller and even more doable.

Now you will break down each mini-goal into 4 actionable steps.

So when you accomplish these 4 steps or micro-goals you have met your mini-goal.

Print out 1 sheet for each of your mini-goals.

Riding Lesson Monthly Photos

Page: Monthly Riding Lesson Photos

This is just for fun to see your progress through photos.

This can be done in different ways. Be as creative as you want.

Have a photograph taken of you during your lesson once a month and print it out. Tape it or glue your picture to this page.

You can also use a free online PDF editor to paste your picture onto the page and then print it out.

Some ideas:

  • Same pose in same area every month.
  • Same pose in a different area every month
  • Same movement each month such as leg yielding, jumping, canter, sitting trot, shoulder in.
  • Random picture from lesson each month.
  • Be creative. Check out Pinterest for photo ideas.

My Riding Lesson Tracker

Page: Riding Lesson Log

I gave this out as a freebie on my site.

But it has value to it. This tracker allows you to compare lessons and spot patterns that affect your rides.

Whether certain things affect your ride positively or negatively.

  • How you feel before a ride. How does that typically affect your lessons?
  • How the horse is behaving before a lesson. How does that affect your lessons?
  • How the weather is. Does that effect your ride and how so?
  • How well you work with certain horses.

Just helps you become more aware of how circumstances can affect your lesson and quality of your ride.

It is also a quick overview of how your lessons are going and what you learned.

Page: Rider Evaluation

This chart is specific to what is going on with you as the rider in the lessons.

This will help you become more aware of what you need to work on to improve in your riding as well as your areas of struggle and success.

You will be able to compare your riding in your lessons more easily than with the lesson reviews because the lessons are listed one on top of the other.

You will also be able to more clearly see your improvements and development as a rider.

Page: Horse Evaluation

This chart is similar to the rider evaluation but is all focused on the horses performance.

You will want to have one sheet per lesson horse you ride. That way you are comparing the same horses performance and you can compare how you are improving or struggling with that specific horse.

Page: A-Ha Moments Tracker

This is for keeping track of the moments where you finally understood something, a breakthrough in your riding, or a light bulb going off.

Just so you can look back and see when those have happened and be encouraged and reminded you are continuing to improve.

Page: Improvement Tracker

This is just like the Ah-Ha Moment Tracker.

It is for your encouragement.

Any little or big improvements are to be recorded here. So over time you can see the progress you are making and how far you have come.

“Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.”
― Donna Goddard

Page: Lesson Mood Tracker

This is for fun.

I drew the picture of the horse.

Basically you choose a color for each of your moods.

Every lesson you color in a strand of the horse’s hair based on the mood you were in during the lesson.

Then you can see how your masterpiece comes out at the end and how your moods have fluctuated in your lessons.

Page: Quick Lesson Review

Each lesson you can choose either the quick lesson review or the longer 4 page lesson review.

Maybe you don’t feel like writing a ton or your lesson was not very eventful. The quick lesson review might be a better choice for that lesson.

Or if you really want to think and break apart what you learned and what happened in your lesson then you can do the longer 4 page review.

Page: Lesson Notes

This is just a page you can write notes about your lesson that would not be written about in the lesson reviews.

If you wanted, you could use lesson notes instead of lesson reviews some days.

Do what works for you.

Page: Lesson Review pg 1. pg 2. pg 3. & pg 4.

Go for the 4 page lesson review if you

  • had an interesting lesson
  • struggled a lot
  • learned something new or important
  • want to cover more
  • want to write down more detail
  • want to analyze your lesson deeper

My Riding Lesson Homework

Page: Preparing For The Next Lesson

This is the homework sheet. If your instructor gives you any homework you can write it down here.

But you can also ask your riding instructor what might be good to work on for these different categories.

And you can even give yourself homework, based on what you are learning in your lessons.

Riding Exercise Vault

Page: Riding Exercises Table Of Contents

This table of contents is for all the riding exercises you are going to be recording so that it will be easier to find the exercises you are searching for in the future.

Say you are doing practice rides, riding someone else’s horse, leasing a horse or have your own horse. You can refer to and find these exercises more easily.

Page: Riding Exercise Sheet

This is a great resource you can use to build up your library of riding exercises. Write the following number from the last exercise in the box at the top of the sheet.

Basically you use this sheet to record notes about exercises you learn in your riding lessons.

There is an arena diagram with a key section. This is to draw out the exercise visually.

I will give you a simple example:

Posting Trot On A 20 Meter Circle

Equestrian Milestone Tracker

Page: Equestrian Riding Milestones pg 1. pg 2. pg 3. & pg 4.

This section is to track your riding milestone and for fun. Color in the hearts when you have completed a milestone. This is another fun way to see your progress and how far you have come.

They are not necessarily in order. The last page is mostly jumping milestones.

These milestones would be a good one to show a new instructor that doesn’t know your skill level well. But of course be honest 😉.

Page: Equestrian Off Horse Milestones pg 1. pg 2. pg 3. & pg 4.

This section is tracking your horsemanship and off horse milestones.

Again this is for fun, to see what you have done and how far you have come. Some of them are just plain silly.

Color in the hearts when you have completed a milestone.

My Riding Gear

Page: Inventory Of Riding Gear

This is to keep track of all your horse and rider equipment.

In case you want to sell any of your gear you know what you have.

You know if something is missing.

And so you don’t forget what you already have. Or know if some

Page: Riding Outfit Planner

If you love to plan outfits. There are 4 outfit sections on the page.

This can be fun especially if you love to matchy match with your lesson horse.

Page: Equestrian Love It List

This is just your dream products for helmet, breeches, boots and helmet.

Get a catalog or print out pictures from an online tack shop.

Cut out the pictures and tape it on this page. You can also use a free online PDF editor to add the images as well.

The one day maybe products.

Page: Equestrian Riding Gear Wish-list

This is a wish list of all the riding gear you want to buy in the future.

If friends or family ask what you want for Christmas or your birthday or some other special occasion.

Show them your wish list 😉.

Equestrianism Ain’t Cheap (Equestrian Budget)

Page: Lesson Payments

This is to keep track of lesson payments and whether they were cash, check or credit.

In case the barn says they never got paid or you are unsure whether you paid or not.

You can have the records of when you did pay.

Write in this as soon as you pay for the lesson or package of lessons.

Page: Equestrian Expenses

This is not the actual lesson expenses but everything else involved with your hobby/ sport of equestrianism.

So any gear, horse shows, practice rides, trail rides, horse treats etc.

Page: Savings Goal Tracker

This one might seem a little confusing at first… not my intention. It is a rubber feed tub and horse treats falling into it. As you save money and reach the next savings milestone you color in a horse treat.

There is a key at the bottom so you can assign different dollar amounts to each kind of horse treat. It involves a bit of math depending on what you want the values to be.

If you want to keep it super simple. Just divide the amount you are saving by 20 and each of the different treats in the key will be that same value. Color in a treat when ever you add that value to your savings.

EX: Goal: $100 for breeches. $100/ 20 different treats =$5 value for each horse treat.

You can make it more complicated if you want.

Binder Extras

Page: Printable Sticker Designs

This is just a fun extra I added into the binder. They are stickers for sticking on your calendar or planner whatever you use, to mark the days you have riding lessons.

Use sticker paper which you can order on Amazon or get at Walmart and a bunch of other store. Then cut out the stickers.

Some Items You May Want To Buy From Amazon For Stickers

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Page: Monthly Calendar

This is a blank calendar page with room for notes at the bottom.

You fill in the month, year and days. I added this as an extra in case you needed a calendar and wanted it to match the rest of the binder.

Also I was careful to make sure the stickers designs fit this calendar.

Last Words

If you are left with any questions again feel free to contact me on my contact me page.

I would love feedback so I can make this a better experience for you and others.

I hope this guide was helpful and I love being a part of your equestrian journey.