Listen up all you equestrian’s who take riding lessons. Check out below!

I am in the works of creating a comprehensive horse riding lesson journal/planner/binder as a printable. I am calling it “My Happy Riding Lesson Binder.”

The Giveaway


When you sign up you will be entered to win a free copy of my soon to be, digital product“My Happy Riding Lesson Binder.”

As soon as it is available to purchase 5 winners will be chosen. You will also get updates on the binder’s creation process and the chance to help make it the best it can be.

When you sign up you will:

  • Get entered to win the “My Happy Riding Lesson Binder” for free. With 5 chances to win.
  • Get updates on the binder’s creation progress.
  • Get to participate in the creation with polls and surveys if you wish.
  • Get a monthly email with a roundup of the previous month’s blog posts.

About This Riding Lesson Journal

I wanted to design something better than what I have seen and used before. I am working on making it fun, cute, and super useful for equestrians who take riding lessons. 

This journal will be suitable whether you own, lease a horse or you just take weekly riding lessons.

The journal is completely lesson focused.

I want this journal to help you: 

  • remember what you did in your lessons, how it went and what you learned
  • feel a sense of accomplishment by seeing the progress you’ve made
  • see patterns in your rides
  • reach your riding goals and build your confidence
  • keep track of your lesson journey 
  • keep track of important information
  • feel encouraged about your riding journey
  • make the most of your riding lessons

Please share if you know someone that could benefit from or be interested in “My Happy Riding Lesson Binder.”