My Happy Riding Lesson Binder

Finally! A Cute, Fun, Comprehensive Riding Lesson Journal To Record All Your Lesson Details – Extending Sale Until January 15th!

Over 60 different pages, you can print out again and again. You and pick and choose the pages you want to make a customized riding lesson journal.

  • Do you get discouraged when you feel like you aren’t improving, or your riding is getting worse in your lessons?
  • Would you be encouraged if you could see and be aware of the progress and improvements you are making in your riding?
  • Do you have trouble remembering aspects of your riding lessons like pieces just slip from your mind?
  • Would you like to be able to remember and better absorb what you work on and learn from your riding lessons?
  • Do your riding goals seem far away with no clear plan for how to make them happen?
  • Would you like to break down your riding goals into logical doable steps?
  • Do you want to get more out of the money you spend on your riding lessons?

This is the perfect companion to accompany your horseback riding lessons!

This 60+ page printable riding lesson binder will help get you where you want to go in your riding, in an organized way, so you can be encouraged by your progress, better absorb what you learn in your lessons, improve faster in your lessons, have a roadmap to reach your goals, and much more.

Printable Pages Included:

  • 5 Cover Options
  • Binder Belongs To Page
  • Binder Spines For Different Sized Binders
  • 7 Printable Inspirational Wall Art
  • My Riding Lesson Page Divider
  • About Me Page
  • Barn Information Page
  • Riding Instructor Profile Page
  • Lesson Horse Profile- 2 Pages
  • Crushing My Goals Page Divider
  • Riding Yearly Goals Page
  • Riding Mini-Goals
  • Riding Micro Goals
  • Monthly Photos Page Divider
  • Monthly Riding Photos Page
  • My Riding Lesson Journal Page Divider
  • Riding Lesson Tracker
  • Rider Evaluation Chart
  • Horse Evaluation Chart
  • A-Ha Moment Tracker
  • Improvement Tracker
  • Lesson Mood Tracker
  • Quick Lesson Review
  • Lesson Notes
  • 4 Pages of Lesson Review
  • My Lesson Homework Page Divider
  • Homework Sheet
  • Riding Exercise Vault Page Divider
  • Riding Exercise Table Of Contents
  • Riding Exercise Record Sheet
  • Equestrian Milestone Page Divider Sheet
  • 4 Pages of Riding Milestones
  • 2 Pages of Off Horse Milestones
  • My Riding Gear Page Divider
  • Inventory of Riding Gear
  • Riding Outfit Planner
  • Equestrian Love It List
  • Equestrian Gear Wish List
  • Equestrian Expenses Page Divider
  • Lesson Payments Tracker
  • Equestrian Expenses
  • Savings Goal Tracker
  • Calendar Printable Sticker Designs
  • Monthly Calendar Page
  • And there is a guide to go along with the pages, which I provide a link to in this PDF.

I have included just a handful of visual page examples from the many pages included in this binder.

After years of writing down notes for rides on my horses and journaling for my riding lessons, I wanted something better than a blank notebook and several pages of basic template for riding notes.

So, I decided to create my own riding lesson journal.

I have spent many hours putting forth my best to make this journal fun, cute, and super useful for equestrians who take riding lessons. Any updates to the My Happy Riding Lesson Binder in 2021 will be yours free with purchase.

This journal is suitable whether you own, lease a horse or you just take weekly riding lessons.

However, this journal is completely lesson focused! So if you are looking for a riding journal or planner where you are riding on your own. This is not for you. But I am creating a future binder for that purpose.

The My Happy Riding Lesson Binder will totally organize all aspects of your horseback riding hobby.

Benefits of the My Happy Riding Lesson Binder: 

  • better absorb what you learn in your lessons
  • become a better rider and progress faster
  • feel accomplished by being able to see your riding progress and milestones
  • feel encouraged and motivated to keep improving as a rider and equestrian
  • become more aware of your riding abilities
  • become more aware of your riding weaknesses
  • layout your riding goals so they aren’t so intimidating and feel attainable
  • see patterns in your riding lessons, like cause and effect from the environment and other aspects
  • keep track of your horse-related spending and budget
  • keep track of your information pertaining to your barn, lessons, and the horses.
  • make the most of your riding lessons
  • feel all happy, put a smile on your face, and much more!

You can pick and choose the pages you want to print and refer to the table of contents for quick reference to the page numbers.

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Consider purchasing as a gift for a fellow equestrian who takes riding lessons. When choosing to gift you can create a personalized message and pick a specific delivery date.

The price is set to about the cost of a riding lesson. Of course, it varies where you take riding lessons ?.

I am offering a limited time $10 discount that is good all the way to December 31, 2020. So I recommend buying it before then! The discount is being extended to January 15th.

There will be periodic sales throughout the year. So don’t get discouraged if you miss this discount. You can wait until the next one. Or buy full price if you decide that you don’t want to wait. 🙂


Price: $30.00 $20.00 when you use the discount code: HAPPY2020

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