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How To Put On A Cloth Diaper

Teresa joins us again for those that are interested in cloth diapering… to show us step by step how to actually put on a cloth diaper. 

This is how to put on a cloth diaper made of a prefold and a waterproof cover with Velcro fastenings. There are other ways to fold the prefold but this is the one I use and I haven’t needed to adopt any other methods. There’s a one step adjustment for babies when they are smaller in relation to the size of the prefold which I will cover at the end.

  1. Lay out the diaper cover with the prefold laid flat on top.*

2. Fold the bottom corners of the prefold in.

3. Bring the bottom of the prefold up.

4. Pull the left and right corners from the back to meet the fold at the front.

5. Secure each side with a Snappy and pull the third claw to make it form a Y.

6. Close the waterproof cover over the prefold.

8. Make sure to tuck in any part of the prefold that may be showing to prevent leaks.

The prefold is showing, this will leak.

Everything tucked in.

*After step two, fold a margin of whatever makes sense from the top to help the prefold fit the size of the baby, and to hold everything in!

A happy cloth diapered baby!

There you have it! Leave any questions in the comments below!


This is a super simple. Step by step guide with pictures for putting a cloth diaper on your baby. You got this mama!

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