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Getting Started Horses

50 Benefits Of Horseback Riding For Kids

Have you been considering letting your child start horseback riding but you are just not sure whether you want to take the plunge? Is your child obsessed with horses and constantly asking if they can go riding? But you’re just not sold on the idea yet? Maybe you’re not sure …
Getting Started Horses

How Often Should I Take Horseback Riding Lessons?

As a horseback riding instructor of almost a decade, I have had a good number of students, from different backgrounds, levels, and abilities. One thing I was often asked by my students was how often they should be taking riding lessons. So how often should you take riding lessons? How often …
Getting Started Horses

Where Can I Take My Kid Horseback Riding?

When I started horseback riding about 22 years ago, I was just a kid that loved horses and wanted to take riding lessons, but my parents didn’t know where all the horseback riding opportunities were. Over the years I discovered there are many many places for kids to go horse …