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Disney Horses In Real Life

Are you a Disney fan and a horse lover? Have you ever wondered what Disney’s animated horses would look like in real life? In this post, you will find a handful of photographs of horses that could be these Disney horses. With each Disney horse I have included YouTube for …
Equestrian Life Horses

100 Inspirational Horse Quotes To Lift You Up

Here is a collection of 100 horse quotes perfect for the equestrian. In my mind quotes are meant to inspire, motivate, give a morale boost, a chuckle, bring perspective, hope or joy.  Some of these inspirational quotes are not directly about horses but can pertain to your equestrian experience and …
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27 Fun Facts About Palomino Horses

Palomino horses are one of the few golden colored horse coats out there. I used to lease a palomino horse named Spike. I remember the golden sheen glistening under the rays of the sun when I would go out trail riding in the apple orchards at Hollis Hills Farm.  His …