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This page is a categorized list of blogging resources I have come across.

Thought I would share in case you have your own blog or you are starting a blog.

Some resources cost money while other resources are free. I will label whether they are free or paid.


This is the second web hosting I have tried and it has been great! I haven’t gotten hacked, spam gets blocked, site is backed up daily, and the customer service has been awesome. I messed up my site tinkering with it and when I contacted customer service a representative was quick to respond and restore my site. Love this web hosting!

Website Building Platform

There is and They are two different platforms for building your site. I like .org because you have more customization and more control. However I do have a plugin that allows me to use both and .com together for the same site. is more user friendly but less control and customization ny itself. For more information on the difference check out this blog post: vs

Stock Images

Image Design

Image Icons

Graphic Phone Apps

Fonts For Your Brand

Font Bundles– Fonts- Free & Paid: Check out Font Bundles

Creative Market-“Design Assets From Independent Creators” Including Fonts- Free Goods weekly & Paid Check out Creative Market


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