Tips for beginner equestrian just starting out or getting back into riding.

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The Difference Between Horses And Ponies

A popular belief among many non-horse people and beginner equestrians is that ponies are baby horses, which is not true today. However the word was derived from a French term poulenet meaning foal, a young immature horse, but this is not the meaning of it toaday. Horses and ponies are …
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The Different Disciplines Of English Riding

A guest post by Lucy from Horse Fact Book. If you’ve just started learning to ride or are at the stage where you’re thinking about trying different disciplines it can be daunting getting to know what they’re all about. This is why I thought I’d write this guide to the …
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Horseback Riding Looks Easy: The Truth About Riding

When watching horseback riding, the riders just sit there not doing much, aside from their arms and legs moving subtly as the horse responds and does as the rider tells them. If you are an equestrian you probably just snorted at this, but as a non-horse person, these are common …
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How Often Should I Take Horseback Riding Lessons?

As a horseback riding instructor of almost a decade, I have had a good number of students, from different backgrounds, levels, and abilities. One thing I was often asked by my students was how often they should be taking riding lessons. So how often should you take riding lessons? How often …