Author: Teresa

Hi, I’m Teresa, I’m a lover of life, a mother of two and I’m all about getting stuck into whatever is at hand and savoring all the joy there to be had. I’m living and learning all the time but I’m enthusiastic about people living in their true identity and about being real even though it might be scary. I also enjoy making things, be it food or videos. I met Kacey after moving to the Boston area where we were drawn together by God and our love of horses!

How To Put On A Cloth Diaper

Teresa joins us again for those that are interested in cloth diapering… to show us step by step how to actually put on a cloth diaper.  This is how to put on a cloth diaper made of a prefold and a waterproof cover with Velcro fastenings. There are other ways …

Is Cloth Diapering The Right Choice For You?

Hello There Mama Bear, Before you read on about if cloth diapering is the right choice for you, I would just like to introduce and thank the guest author of this post… Teresa who is a good friend of mine. She has been through some of life’s ups and downs with …