Author: Kacey

My name is Kacey I am a stay at home mom to an adorable active baby boy. A wifey to a quirky awesome husband. A pet owner to three boisterous birdies and a crazy kitten. A leaser of a sweet quarter horse gelding and a daughter of the King! I struggle at times as a stay at home mom but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Cutest Blue Autumn Decor Ideas For This Fall Season

Do you love decorating for fall but want to try something different? Normally you think of warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. But lately I have been noticing the trend of cooler colors like blues, whites, grays and blacks, and I love it. A little about me…I love …

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15 Heartbreaking Signs Your Husband Is Emotionally Unavailable

Maybe you feel like the connection is lost. Your husband seems more like a roommate than a spouse. He does his own thing and isn’t all that interested in what’s going on with you. You notice his default is to withdraw and retreat from you. Even when it seems like …

Is Your Husband Emotionally Unavailable Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if your husband is emotionally unavailable. Has your husband been spending a lot of time alone and seems indifferent toward you? Find out today so you can see if there is something that needs to be worked on.

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The Simple Yet Useful Hospital Bag Checklist

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The Super Awesome Guide For How To Bathe Baby

Bathing Basics Learning how to bathe baby isn’t too hard when you have a helping hand to guide you. So to start off you should know daily bathing is not necessary until your baby is on all fours crawling everywhere and getting dirty. Two or three baths a week should …

Do I Need My Own Helmet For Riding Lessons?

Are you going to be starting horseback riding lessons soon? Find out if you need to buy your own riding helmet. What to look for if you are buying your own riding helmet. And helmet recommendations.

Can I Wear Leggings Horseback Riding?

Are you interested in getting started with horses and are wondering whether it is okay to wear leggings horseback riding? In this post I give my opinion on Leggings as far as horseback riding goes and reveal what kind of pants are best for riding.