Pregnancy Journey

The Simple Yet Useful Hospital Bag Checklist

Are you ready for your baby? What about being prepared for labor and delivery? Do you have a birth plan? What about a bag packed for the hospital? Use this list to help get your hospital bag packed and ready. You will have everything you need and nothing you don't!

30 Super Helpful Tips To Make The First Trimester Bearable

Let’s face it – the first trimester of pregnancy sucks. At least for the majority of woman it is the hardest trimester. With the pregnancy hormones coursing through your veins, the increase in blood volume and your changing immune system… your body is in high gear to make healthy surroundings …

51 Ways To Involve Your Husband With The Pregnancy

You are very involved with the pregnancy which makes sense because you are the one carrying the baby. But what about your husband. He is a part of the story too. Do you want your husband more involved with your pregnancy, but your not sure how to include him? Or …

The Essential Guide To Pregnancy Friendly Personal Care Products

About This Guide I put this guide together as I was researching about personal care products for myself during my pregnancy. I am hoping it will help you learn about what you should avoid beauty and personal care wise and know what is safe and okay. There are things that …