About Sparkles Rainbows And Unicorns

Equestrians And Lovers Of Horses

Welcome to Sparkles Rainbows and Unicorns!

I want you to have fun while you are learning all about horses and riding. Here you will find educational posts about horses, their care and riding, how to’s, guides, tutorials, tips, and equestrian lifestyle posts, all with the goal to help you grow as an equestrian.

I want to encourage equestrians to always continue learning, keep safety in mind, and the horse’s well being at the forefront. Whether you are just getting started with horses or you have been riding for a while. I want to create helpful horsey content that will help you improve in your riding, your knowledge of horses, and their care.

This site is for equestrians who want to continue to learn more about all aspects of horses, along with ways to improve their riding.

The equestrian who cares about horses and put the best interest of the horse first.

The equestrian who wants to understand horses better and have a closer relationship with the horses they work with.

The equestrian who finds horses more than a tool they can use, but a beautiful living breathing creature with a mind heart and soul of their own.

The equestrian who wants to have fun with horses, build their confidence and never stop doing what they love.

Chippy the Quarter Horse I am currently leasing.

Maybe you are just getting started with horses and riding.

Maybe you are getting back into riding after years and years away from horses.

Maybe you have been riding regularly but you want to get better in and out of the saddle.

Maybe you are a new mom with a baby and you’ve only taken a break during your pregnancy. You are eager to get back to riding or possible eager but overwhelmed and nervous.

Maybe you have horse loving kids that ride or want to get into riding and you want to learn more about horses and riding.

If any of these scenarios sound like you. This blog is being written for those like you and anyone who loves horses and wants to know more.