Hello, I’m Kacey Owner of Sparkles Rainbows and Unicorns

I am so happy you have found my little corner of the internet. You may know me from my YouTube channel Kacypony.

When I am not blogging or creating YouTube videos, I spend time with my lease horse, helping at the barn and doing adult stuff. The time I have left is dedicated to wrangling my high energy toddler & husband.

This blog has been quite a learning experience for me and a bit of a journey. I started off blogging about a bunch of different topics like marriage, faith, motherhood, horses, home organization.

But I am narrowing down my focus to what I know best, helping equestrians learn the basics, get better with caring for & working with horses, as well as riding & preparing to lease or buy a horse.

I also want to help equestrian moms to thrive and keep the hobby that brings them immense enjoyment. As well as help moms that have kids who love horses but don’t know much about horses.

Who This Blog Is For

This site is for equestrians who care about horses and put the welfare of horses above there desire to ride. The equestrian who wants to learn everything they can to become the best horsemen/ woman and rider that they personally can be.

The equestrian who wants to understand their horse and have a deeper relationship with the horses they work with. The equestrian who finds horses more than a tool they can use but a living breathing creature with a mind heart and soul of their own.

The equestrian who wants to have fun with horses, and forever do what they love.

When I was a resident student at Bascule farm.

Maybe you are just getting started riding as a new hobby.

Maybe you are getting back into riding after years and years away from horses.

Maybe you have been riding regularly but you want to get better.

Maybe you are a new mom with a baby and you’ve only taken a break while you were pregnant. You are eager to get back to riding or are overwhelmed about it.

Maybe you have horse loving kids that ride or want to get into riding.

If any of these sounds like your situation. You are who I am writing this blog for.

Few Random Facts About Me

  • I have fallen off horses at least 40 times in my lifetime… probably more.
  • Eventing is my favorite discipline of riding.
  • I struggled to believe God was real for a long time, but can’t deny it now.
  • I got an Associates Degree in Equine Industries.
  • I have struggled with depression and anxiety since elementary school, but I have a much better perspective now than I once did.
  • I did extensive ground training with the first 3 horses I owned and wished I did more with my other horses. Getting back into ground training with Chippy my lease horse.
  • I was in Pony Club for a year at 12 or 13 years old.
  • I have leased 7 horses and owned 6 horses in my lifetime. 5 of the horses I owned were OTTBS that I retrained myself.
  • I have taught lessons as a riding instructor for over 6 years in the balanced seat, dressage and jumping and used to have my own business.
  • My favorite movie series is Jurassic Park.
This was up on the top of Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.