Hello, I’m Kacey Owner of Sparkles Rainbows and Unicorns

I am so happy you have found my little corner of the internet.

Who I Created This Blog For

I created this site for equestrian moms and wives.

To help you learn more about riding and proper horse care. To give you riding exercises to improve your riding and the horses you ride. To prepare you for horse ownership. To give you information to help you keep your horse free from pain, happy, and healthy.

To help improve your marriage. Communication. Understanding your husbands better. How you handle arguments and disappointment. Making time for each other. Actually have fun together. And more.

To help with your mama life making it more manageable and fun, instead of just tiring, overwhelming, and stressful. Whether you are pregnant, have a baby, or toddler. One day kids and teens will be added to the mix.

I also encourage deepening faith in God and coming to know God if you don’t really know him. I have seen God’s power in my life and always feel better when he is at the center of all that I do.

My Plan For The Blog

  • To create content that will improve your riding, horsemanship, marriage and managing motherhood.
  • To encourage you moms who feel overwhelmed, stressed, unproductive or like a failure.
  • To help you wives who are feeling disconnected, unhappy and unloved in their marriages..
  • To help you be the best equestrian you can with the resources you have.
  • To lead those who are interested into a relationship with a very real God who loves them and help nurture that relationship.

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A Little Bit About Me

Let me introduce myself a little better.

Like I said my name is Kacey. I have a YouTube Channel called Kacypony. I am an equestrian, going on for over 20 years now. My favorite parts of this journey has been owning Off the Thoroughbreds. Eventing. Dressage. Teaching riding lessons. And training horses.

Riding My 3rd Horse “Storm” Cross Country

I am getting back into riding after an almost 2 year hiatus which started when I got pregnant with my first baby. I am now leasing a chestnut quarter horse gelding named Chip who is 18 yrs.

Equestrian Mom Blog
Chip Wearing Western Tack

We are attempting dressage. Both of us are out of shape. Both of us are rusty. Right now we are focusing on going forward and keeping a steady rhythm.

I am a mom. Obviously :-). I love my baby boy Colton. Although sometimes I get overwhelmed and stressed out. The crying, the tantrums, the constant vigilance, the lack of sleep. Everything I need to to do to care for him. Keeping up with the house, errands, caring for our pets, and blogging. etc. It’s a lot!

However,I think it’s worth it. He keeps me company. I get to love on him. The smiles, the laughs, the cuddles, the babbling make me feel all warm and happy inside. I can’t forget the goofiness. He can be a real comedian.

Colton and Mama Selfie

I have been married to my husband Shawn for almost 3 years now. I believe God brought us together. But I’m not gonna lie, marriage hasn’t been easy. Though, we are definitely committed to each other and to an ever improving marriage. I am happy to say that I have been learning new skills to better myself which have been effecting my marriage in a very positive way.

Shawn and I Celebrating Our Marriage At Our Summer Wedding Party

I have a black cat named Midnight, who is Colton’s partner in crime, loves to make a mess and get into everything. But he is a love bug at the same time and a cuddler.

Midnight As A Kitten Passed Out On My Lap

I have two conures with two different personalities. Roxy is quiet and independent, likes to do her own thing but does like hanging out at long as I don’t touch her. Mango is a Mama’s bird, who is loud, needy and loves scratches. I am also fostering a stray kitty named Mr. Kitty, who is really warming up and is super sweet.

Mango wanted to cuddle too.

I love my family and friends and am thankful they are apart of my life.

My friend Allison who has always been there when I needed her, with Roxy and Skittles (Skittles is in an awesome new home). She owns Momo an OTTB I used to own.
My friend Teresa who is also a mama and is an amazing person!
Brother Patrick, Me, Aunt Kathy, Cousin Ryan, and friend Allison
Shawn and my Immediate Families Together

I love Jesus and believe with all my heart God is real. The Bible is the Word of God. That he loves us and we will be with him someday. If we choose to follow Jesus. By asking for forgiveness, turning from our sins, and asking his holy spirit to dwell within us and guide us. The Bible is a real eye opener to the truth of this world.

He Lives! And He Gives Life To Those Who Turn To Him!

Few Random Facts About Me

  • I have fallen off horses over 40 times in my lifetime.
  • Eventing is my favorite riding discipline.
  • I struggled with believing God was real for a long time.
  • I have struggled with depression and anxiety since elementary school. (Much better now!)
  • I have owned 6 horses in my lifetime. 5 of them OTTBS.
  • My favorite movie series is Jurassic Park.
  • I find watching sports boring.
  • I was bullied throughout middle school and high school.
This was up on the top of Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.